Toner Business

IMEX Constantly Challenges for Developing Nanotechnology and materializes High Performance products on the Consideration of Environments.

IMEX is ranked among the world' stop ten with its advanced technical development capabilities, wide array of products, and services

Toners are used in copying machines and laser printers as the powder ink.
In order to fill the latest market need, faster speed printing with finer image resolution,
better toner quality, such as low temperature fusing and vivid color reproduction, becomes crucial.

IMEX has promptly responded to the industry trend to provide toner products used worldwide.
With entrepreneurial spirit, IMEX materializes market needs as new toner products quickly.
The spirit and actions enable the firm to rank among top 10 worldwide.

The solid performance of IMEX is underpinned by its state-of?art technology, developing capability proprietary production technology, and rigorous quality control

IMEX’ s nanotechnology is one of the reasons for its worldwide products’ popularity.
The firms surface treatment technology, for example contributes immensely to high quality color toner production. In addition, state-of-the-art equipment for quality control ensures a stable toner supply. The globally acclaimed quality of IMEX’ s products is quantified by physical properties, rigorous analysis, and thorough inspections.
IMEX is continuously refining its unique nanotechnology through R&D and capital investment.
Based on the technical advantage, we constantly challenge on establishing new business domains by developing value-added toners for the new printing applications.

Toner Development/Production Technology unique to IMEX

Surface treatment is one of the key technologies for providing high resolution color toner.

球体化前 → 球体化後

▲ Befores surface treatment

球体化前 → 球体化後

▲ After surface treatment

Wide range of measuring instrument applications for Product development and quality control.

Transmission electron microscope (TEM)

Scanning electron microscope (SEM)


Electrical Single Particle Aerodynamic Relaxation Time Analyzer

Flow Particle Image Analyzer

Coulter Counter

X-ray Fluorescence Spectrometer

Differential Scanning Calorimeter

  • Development & Quality Control through tonner properties
  • Wide range of instrument application
  • Daily measurement and inspection