Company Profile

IMEX creates imaging materials for tomorrow through the latest electronic technology
and advanced chemical technology

Since its foundation in 1982, IMEX has established a solid reputation as adeveloper, manufacturer, and vendor of electrographic toners. Ensuring high quality and functionality, we have also produced steady results in the creation of new imaging materials, such as the development of full-color toners and optimal toners for reused cartridge.

During this span of time, our business domains have expanded from the toner business in which we offer high-quality toners, to the reused cartridge business that contributes to reduction of environmental impact through the utilization of effective and recyclable resources. Today, all the three business domains are flexibly linked to each other and growing at a steady pace.

The three business domains are underpinned by five guiding principles: “contribution to the development of an advanced information society,” “harmonization with the global environment,” “constant reform of management,” “innovating ways of thinking and acting,” and “respect for teamwork and creation of a challenging workplace.”
These principles are engraved in the hearts of all IMEX-group personnel.

Our aim is to create imaging materials for tomorrow and to contribute to the wide spectrum of society at all times through the latest electronic technology and advanced chemical technology.

Akira Kitaoka President

Based on proprietary technology, IMEX has developed toner, reused cartridge,
and is expanding its business domains in a move to explore further growth potential.


The toner business develops and manufactures high-image-quality color toners for environmentally friendly reused cartridges using IMEX’s proprietary toner powder surface treatment technology.

Reused Cartrige

The reused cartridge business contributes to the reduction of environmental impact by offering high-quality reused cartridges that can be provided only by a toner manufacturer.

Company Overview

IMEX EU Trading S. R. L.


Okayama Plant

Higashi Osaka Office

IMEX America Corporation




Company Name
IMEX Co., Ltd.
July, 1982
384.08 million JPY
Development, manufacture and sale of toner for normal paper copiers, page printers, normal paper FAX and related products. Cartridge recycling. Provision of copy service, information processing services.
Akira Kitaoka
-President & CEO
Yuichiro Kitaoka
Tomoaki Abe
Eiji Takada
Shunsuke Hirano
Yoshitsugu Hashimoto
Kazuhiro Arai
Number of
Closing of
March 31
Nagase & Co., Ltd.
Nippon Carbide Industries, Co., Inc.
Konishiyasu Co., Ltd.
MUFG Bank, Ltd.
The Bank of Yokohama, Ltd.
Tokyo Marine & Nichido Fire Insurance Company, Limited
Tokyo Small & Medium Business Investment & Consultation Co., Ltd.
Mizuho Bank, Ltd.
Mitsubishi UFJ Capital Co., Ltd.
Yokohama Capital Co., Ltd.
Nippon Life Insurance Co.
Affiliated Banks
MUFG Bank, Ltd. Hiratsuka-ekimae Branch
The Bank of Yokohama, Ltd Hiratsuka Branch
Mizuho Bank, Ltd Hiratsuka Branch


11-25 Daikan-cho, Hiratsuka-shi, Kanagawa Pref., 254-0807 Japan
Phone: +81-463-23-0591, Fax: +81-463-23-5658


1630-8 Mitsutakazu, Kita-ku Okayama-shi, Okayama Pref., 709-2124 Japan
Phone: +81-86-724-0911, Fax: +81-86-724-0964

[Higashi Osaka Office]

3-7-29 Hishie, Higashiosaka City, Osaka Prefecture., 578-0984 Japan
Phone: +81-72-962-0123, Fax: +81-72-962-0116


409-3 Idezuka-cho, Oota-shi, Gunma Pref., 370-0424 Japan
Phone: +81-276-52-6061, Fax: +81-276-52-6062


3560 Fairview Industrial Drive SE Salem, Oregon 97302 USA
Phone: +1-503-391-1500, Fax: +1-503-391-1505

[IMEX EU TRADING S. R. L.(Unipersonal) ]

C/ Diputacion 279, 3°puerta 1 y 2 08007 Barcelona(Espana)
Phone: +34-93- 530-5631, Fax: +34-93-532-3329

Management Ideal

(1) Contribution to advanced information society

Our social mission is to contribute to the development of advanced information technology through providing technologies, materials and services for electrophotography. We will help achieve a consumer-oriented society, in which end users can use quality and affordable aftermarket toners and services to enjoy the benefits of electrophotographic technology.

(2) Harmony with the global environment

Another social mission of IMEX is to promote resource recycling, reduce industrial waste, and seek harmony with the global environment through supplying toner friendly to reused cartridges, and developing our cartridge recycling business itself.

(3) Constant management innovation

IMEX will constantly reform its own management system, to evolve into a company that deserves greater expectations from society and investors. We will fulfill our social responsibility as corporate citizens, so as to enhance our social credit.

(4) Innovation and mobility

IMEX's positive corporate motto of "giving it a go, rather than holding back in fear of failure", will be preserved. Innovation and mobility are the basic guiding principles of IMEX.

(5) Respect to human harmony and development of a stimulating work environment

IMEX's present success is largely attributable to cooperation from people within and outside the company. We will maintain an open stance, while promoting the development of quality human networks and stimulating a work environment that facilitates collaboration with partners.

Business Concept

(1) Technology Development-Driven Venture Corporation

We are always in pursuit of innovative technologies, and have continued to invest in operational resources in order to establish “only one (unique) technology” and enhance our ecologically friendly products. We are known in the market place and among our customers for our technological prowess, and have earned a reputation as being the “go to” company for the products requiring high-technology.

(2) Global Corporation

We have continued to develop our business in both domestic and foreign markets since our establishment. As a result,We have successfully increased market share in the world after tonner market. We currently have subsidiaries in the US and Spain and are always expanding our business in product selection and reach.

(3) Corporation that Contributes to Environmental Protection

We aim to attain harmony with the global environment by reusing resources and reducing industrial waste, through such things as offering environmentally friendly toner for reused cartridges, and through our cartridge recycling business itself.


July 1982
Company established in Chuo-ku, Tokyo
November 1985
Headquarters relocated to Hiratsuka-shi, Kanagawa-ken
November 1986
Headquarters building constructed
November 1988
Okayama First Plant built
March 1995
New office building built at Okayama Plant
March 1997
American corporation Dynatone America Corporation became a full subsidiary company
January 1998
Okayama Second Plant built
February 1998
Dynatone America Corporation changed its name to IMEX AMERICA CORPORATION
September 1999
OKAYAMA Third Plant built
April 2002
Subsidiary company IMEX PRINT SOLUTION CO., LTD. established
April 2002
October 2002
Oregon Plant built
March 2003
ISO9001, ISO14001 certification (assessment and registration)
February 2004
Subsidiary company IMEX EU TRADING S.R.L. established
October 2010
A-TECH CO., LTD. became a subsidiary company by equity participation
November 2011
OKAYAMA Fourth Plant built
November 2019
Acquired toner production business in Higashi-Osaka from Daiken Chemical Co., Ltd.